What is Respect Our Referees?

The ROR program is an active campaign designed to make a better environment for our referees. It is a result of a brainstorming session by the Minnesota State Referee Committee as we looked for ways to fix what had become a sometimes toxic environment for soccer referees in Minnesota. We have found that a large majority of inappropriate behavior is towards referees who are minors. This program's goal is to create awareness that referees should always be treated with respect and dignity, to ensure the youth soccer environment is enjoyable for everyone.

We want to educate the soccer community on the challenges that soccer officials face, not just in terms of the environment they work in, but also the way they go about making decisions and the basics of the rules of the sport. Ultimately, all we ask is for patience. Since most of our referees are young and inexperienced, they are trying to learn the trade. Being a referee is not an easy job. With your help, we can retain many of these referees so they can get better, and maybe along the way, we'll recruit one or two of you to join our ranks!

June 2015 Podcast... Back to Basics!

The June podcast goes back to basics on common but often missed simple rules that referees need to pay attention to. Plus, a duck. As always, the pod is available for download on YouTube and iTunes!

Lightning/Thunder: See It, Hear It, Clear It

On June 9 a brief thunderstorm rolled thorugh the metro area resulting in the suspension of several MYSA matches... though some of them not as quickly as they should have been suspended. All referees are reminded of the See It, Hear It, Clear It priniciple. Don't mess around with player safety. Get off the field and into a car or under shelter.

Along those same lines, do not let coaches or parents intimidate you into playing. If a coach attempts to convince you to keep playing, remind them that this is MYSA policy, and if they would like to press the issue and insist on playing, that you would be happy to relay their opinion to MYSA in the match report.  MYSA's Give & Go E-Newsletter this week made it clear to coaches that they are not to pressure referees from deviating from this policy. MYSA is on your side... be safe.