Online Courses

Welcome to our online course program! These three sets of online courses are designed to provide information on how the Laws of the Game apply to players, coaches, and spectators. They are not designed to supplant an actual referee course... rather, they are designed to discuss major Law topics, eliminate a few myths regarding the rules of soccer, and also discuss how the Laws apply to behavior expectations for participants in a soccer match and how the referee deals with issues.

Please be advised that the rules courses (the last five courses of each group) are very similar in nature. Minor changes are made to each in order to explain things to the intended target audience (players, coaches, or spectators) but the basics are very similar. You will not likely gain much, for example, by watching the Boundary Line restarts for each target group.

Links are available to all of the courses regardless of whether you are logged into the ROR site with your account. However, if you are logged in, you will gain access to a crediting-copy of each presentation (for which the navigation tools are locked out). When you complete a locked crediting version, your account will be tagged with completion and the administrator for whom you are completing the course for will be able to confirm that you have completed the course. Again, being logged in is not required to view the courses, but if you want credit for watching them, you must be logged into an account on the site.

Introduction Course Link Length        
Joint Introduction to the Courses 6:30        
Player Course Links Length   Coach Course Links Length  
Player Behavior Expectations 10:22   Coaches and the Technical Area 31:56  
Basic Rules to Start a Match 11:54   Basic Rules to Start a Match 12:09  
Boundary Line Restarts 7:28   Boundary Line Restarts 7:14  
Offside 9:46   Offside 9:46  
Referee Restarts 12:57   Referee Restarts 12:54  
Fouls and Misconduct 18:15   Fouls and Misconduct 21:15  
Spectator Course Links Length   Sample Referee Courses Length  
Spectator Expectations 22:55   Pushing 7:30  
Basic Rules to Start a Match 12:23   Tripping 9:03  
Boundary Line Restarts 7:17   Charging 7:27  
Offside 9:28        
Referee Restarts 12:31        
Fouls and Misconduct 21:25